F. A. Q.

What kind of roleplay is this?

This is an original character roleplay, meaning you choose your own faceclaim and create your own character by giving it a backstory, their own traits, etc.

How old is this roleplay and is it active?

We opened on March 22nd 2014 and the dash is like a flowing chasm.

When are you accepting?

We accept every other day, or when there is 5 apps in the app box.

Can I make my character Divergent?

Of course, but know there is a limit. Meaning your character couldn't have received results of 4 or more factions. It is also highly rare to score 3.

Can I apply as a trainer?

This roleplay is solely for Dauntless Initiates and their journey through Initiation and, unfortunately, we don't plan on changing that.

Do you accept two of the same faceclaim?

No. Unless you plot it out with a current member, we only allow one of each faceclaim.

If I'm already in the roleplay and apply for another character, do I have to submit a para sample?

Though it is not necessary, since we've already seen your writing abilities, you can if you'd like so that you can get a feel of your new character better.

When is the next Event or Task?

We try to have one once every week or two, depending how what it is. A post will be made days prior to prepare you, and it will always be tagged either "initiatestask" or "initiatesevent" so you can keep tabs.

When are Activity Checks?

Every other day, a post will be made stating who to unfollow, who is at risk, and those that are on hiatus.

How do you get your ranking up and when will they be changed next?

This answer basically sums it all up - [x]. As for the next rank change, it happens sporadically and always after an Event or Task - unless otherwise stated. You will be informed about a change.

Is there an OOC blog?

Yes! Just go ahead and message us for it.

I love you guys.

You are our child, and we love you as much as Tris loved Tobias! Ah, too soon.

We believe that pain and death are better than cowardice and inaction, because we believe in action. We believe in facing fear no matter what the cost to our comfort, our happiness, or even our sanity. We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another. We are currently in the Emotional stage of initiation.


"To the personality anon: An app isn't just about a personality. Its about who the character is. Personality is a fraction of it, not the whole story. Its always handy to know the character and why they are the way they are. Not just knowing that they're a sarcastic bitch.",

Thanks, Kat, I do agree with you there. However it does also have to be said that a roleplay full of the same personalities won’t work. You need flavor and variety to thrive and I do sort of understand what they’re getting at. If I’m honest, we do seem to have an influx of the same sort of personalities.


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"since this is blairs rp, don't you think she should be making the decisions regarding the application and not you? i mean, she was the one who said a few bullet points were fine.",


We didn’t make it on our own, by any means. It was something that was collectively decided. I’m just the one answering the questions about it, but no one is overlooking Blair by any means. We all love Blair dearly and would never do something against her wishes. A few bullet points was fine until it was abused and turned into 2 sentences, but all 4 admins are aware and in agreement.

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"yeah but there are loads of the same personalities more than half the characters are 'mean' or 'sassy' or 'sarcastic' or a bit bitchy haha",


All we’re asking for is a thorough bio in an application. It’s not too much to ask.

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"Was no one accepted tonight",


We cannot accept applications, unless they meet the guidelines that were outlined in this post: CONCERNING THE APPLICATION PROCESS.

When we receive applications that meet that criteria, we will review them, and messages were sent asking people to resubmit, with a complete biography in our inbox in an application, and we have not received them, so there’s nothing to review at this point. We would expect the same of ourselves as applicants, as well, so it is nothing remotely personal, but as outlined in the above linked post, how we are choosing to handle the fact that we feel as admins, that it is impossible to bring new characters in this roleplay, when we have no idea who the character is. Original Characters may be people’s own creation, but just like canon characters, they require a background that must be adhered to and that is a process that many people have been abusing, because they were already in the roleplay. So from now on, we are being more careful, as we do not need 30 of the same characters.  

But we are more than happy to review applications, once the criteria has been met. This also could have been handled through a private reply to whoever asked, but people continued to ignore our wishes that people in the roleplay not ask us questions anonymously, so you get what you put out there. 

But please know that this is not a personal attack on anyone or us ranting. We just ask that even if you have been here six months, that you put the effort into an application for us, like you would any other roleplay.

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Important: Concerning the Application Process.

Recently it has come to our attention that some of our members — accidentally or otherwise — are abusing the fact that they are already here in the process of applying for a new character. We are so happy that you are choosing to create a new character and actively encourage you to unleash your creative potential, but there are some issues that have been cropping up for a while now and need to be raised. You wouldn’t send a brief and rushed application to another roleplay you weren’t a member of so please show us the same respect.

This is an original character roleplay because we feel like you will have a better understanding of your character if they are a character you have lovingly crafted and thought about independently of our influence. Being an OC roleplay is supposed to give you, as our members, the freedom to write a character whom you want to play. Being an OC roleplay does not entitle you to write two sentences as a biography and justify it with the excuse that you know them. The chances are that if we don’t get a concrete understanding of your character from your app, you don’t have one.

We are not trying to be rude or snide, we are just trying to eliminate issues we currently face such as too many of the same personality types and underdeveloped characters who’s personalities appear to keep changing. This is not recent, it has been happening for some time, but collectively as admins we have had a discussion on this and we have decided to implement new rules concerning the application process starting tonight. From now on there will be a 300 minimum word limit and biographies are to be written in paragraphs rather than bullet-point form, please.

We hope this does not offend any of you, as that is the last thing we want to do: we are not trying to be offensive, we are merely trying to solve issues within the roleplay and improve this as a writing community. It will also be easier to play a character whom you know like the back of your hand, as we admins have found with our characters. If you have any problems regarding this please speak to us off anon and we would be happy to justify our reasons for this.

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I’m currently trying to organise upcoming plots for each of the four groups. I have loads of ideas, but if you have any suggestions that we could incorporate (i.e: one of the groups finds an armed prisoner, one of the groups runs out of food, etc) then hit us up with an ask and I’ll see if we can fit it in! We’d love to hear your suggestions because this is your event just as much as it is ours!


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"I personally think you all do a great job as admins, and don't deserve all the shit you get for it.",


This may have made my whole day, even if it’s only 5:12 in the morning. We do try and always want to do what we can, to make this a fun place for everyone. 

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Next Acceptance date will be Sunday, 8pm EST

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Initiates, for the duration of your mission each of you will be fitted with a metal wristband which acts as both a tracker device in the even of an emergency and a health monitor to update the Compound on your health statistics for your own safety. 

These wristbands will also act as a communication device so that you may contact the leaders or the other groups in the event of a crisis. Please only use them in emergencies. Attempts to remove these wristbands will not only be painful, but it will also put you at risk. They are specially designed to be removed only the Compound’s security system. It is of the utmost importance that you do not tamper with them.

Should you find anything suspicious on your mission contact the leaders via your wristband immediately. Approach the prisoners with caution and do not hesitate to use a preemptive strike if in doubt.

Be brave, initiates.

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"what if people in your group haven't been active?",


If needs be I can jiggle the groups, but since I did an activity check last night to remove any inactive members there shouldn’t be a problem, and there aren’t that many people on hiatus. If you are concerned, let me know off anon and I’ll try to swap a few names around, dearie.


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