F. A. Q.

What kind of roleplay is this?

This is an original character roleplay, meaning you choose your own faceclaim and create your own character by giving it a backstory, their own traits, etc.

How old is this roleplay and is it active?

We opened on March 22nd 2014 and the dash is like a flowing chasm.

When are you accepting?

We accept every other day, or when there is 5 apps in the app box.

Can I make my character Divergent?

Of course, but know there is a limit. Meaning your character couldn't have received results of 4 or more factions. It is also highly rare to score 3.

Can I apply as a trainer?

This roleplay is solely for Dauntless Initiates and their journey through Initiation and, unfortunately, we don't plan on changing that.

Do you accept two of the same faceclaim?

No. Unless you plot it out with a current member, we only allow one of each faceclaim.

If I'm already in the roleplay and apply for another character, do I have to submit a para sample?

Though it is not necessary, since we've already seen your writing abilities, you can if you'd like so that you can get a feel of your new character better.

When is the next Event or Task?

We try to have one once every week or two, depending how what it is. A post will be made days prior to prepare you, and it will always be tagged either "initiatestask" or "initiatesevent" so you can keep tabs.

When are Activity Checks?

Every other day, a post will be made stating who to unfollow, who is at risk, and those that are on hiatus.

How do you get your ranking up and when will they be changed next?

This answer basically sums it all up - [x]. As for the next rank change, it happens sporadically and always after an Event or Task - unless otherwise stated. You will be informed about a change.

Is there an OOC blog?

Yes! Just go ahead and message us for it.

I love you guys.

You are our child, and we love you as much as Tris loved Tobias! Ah, too soon.

We believe that pain and death are better than cowardice and inaction, because we believe in action. We believe in facing fear no matter what the cost to our comfort, our happiness, or even our sanity. We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another. We are currently in the Emotional stage of initiation.


FAQ is at the bottom right of the page!!

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